Somos Salud is linguistic justice: share our series of videos in indigenous languages

Since 2020, Somos Salud, the health equity program of Alianza Americas, has worked to make accurate and timely health information more accessible for communities of color across the United States. If we want greater health equity —so that our neighbors, our children, and our friends can access the health services they need to stay safe and healthy—we need language justice.

When health information isn’t shared in Indigenous or Afro-Caribbean languages, this further marginalizes these communities. When we respect people’s fundamental right to communicate in the language that makes them feel the most empowered, we help build a public health system in which we’re all safer and more protected.

That is one reason why we have worked with partners in launching a series of videos in Akateco, Garífuna, Ixil, K’iche, Kreyòl ayisyen, Mam, and Q’anjob’al highlighting how diverse families and activists are remaining resilient amidst barriers to health services and true wellness and that highlight the importance of the vaccine.

You can watch the full playlist below. Please, take a moment to share these videos with your friends.

When we uplift the voices of those who speak in languages that have long been made silent by the dominant culture, we help make visible a fuller range of perspectives and experiences that otherwise would’ve gone ignored.
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